File Upload Service


The QMUL File Upload Service may be used to exchange (share) files of any type, up to a maximum size limit of 2 GB (2000 MB) per file, for a maximum period of 3 weeks. There is also a limit of 6 GB for all of your shared files. Files may be shared either with members of the College or with external people.

Choose from the following options:

Access control: You will prompted to supply your IDcheck credentials upon selecting any of the above options. Other users (internal and external) may then download the files using the links you provide, without using IDcheck. When using the 2nd option the external user may also upload a file using the link that you supply to them without using IDcheck.

Please Note: This service is only as secure as normal (unencrypted) email. Do not send confidential or sensitive information via this service unless it is encrypted (prior to sending) and password protected. You would then need to communicate the password for decryption other than via email (e.g. phone or text).

Please ensure you do not breach any intellectual property laws in your use of this service (e.g. copyright).

A list of recent changes are availble here.